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Please read the following paragraphs. They will tell you all you need to know to receive your FREE drawing and price quote.

How do I get a quote?

Step outside and take a straight on picture of your storefront. Please include the DOOR. Our software will scale the size of the area you are looking to place your sign IF there is a DOOR in the picture. Here is a perfect example of what we want:

empty storefront

How should the sign read?

Choose a design from one of the dozens of choices shown on the GENERIC CLOUD STYLES page or we will design a sign that says whatever you want!. What colors do you prefer? Have a LOGO?  Send it!

Send all of this stuff to us.

You can TEXT the picture to either 404-637-8911 or 404-447-1488. If you do so, please include your NAME, EMAIL address and PHONE NUMBER. Submissions WITHOUT telephone numbers will be ignored. We are happy to do the drawing and provide a quote but will NOT do so, if we are not given the opportunity to speak to you about it.

If you have a LOGO, please email it to: Note: if we build your sign, we will need your logo in the highest resolution possible. An AI, or EPS format is preferred. However, if we are just at the quotation stage a compressed image like a .jpg will suffice.

What happens next?

At NO cost or obligation, we will design your sign and superimpose it on the building; you’ll know just what the sign will look like. In our email to you, we will give exact pricing and details on how to move forward to get your project started. We work quickly; most quotes are finished within 12 hours.

Want us to build your sign?

We require a 50% deposit, with the balance paid when we ship OR upon installation. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards. It will take 21 working days to complete your order. *** A WORKING day is considered to be Monday-Friday. Saturdays, Sundays, and HOLIDAYS don’t count!

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