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About Us

It’s Jennifer & Rick. Thank you so much for visiting our web site. We have tried to make shopping for your new lighted sign as easy as possible. We understand this may be your first sign purchase. There IS a lot of information to go through and WE ARE HERE TO HELP!​

Your LANDLORD will want to see what the sign is going to look like. Providing plans is NO PROBLEM. Give us the email address of the party needing to see the plan . . . we will take it from there.

The local permitting office will need to see a plan . . . we will prepare it at *NO CHARGE* (after you have purchased a sign from us and given your deposit).

Sign design is a process. We send you a picture and you might like some of this BUT not some of that. We are happy to make changes . . . JUST ASK! After a few design changes and alterations, we usually get it right.​​

We are a family owned business. Somewhere, there is a picture of Jennifer in her playpen at the sign shop! We handle all of the marketing, design and sales. Other members of our family oversee the fabrication, packaging, delivery and/or installation of your sign. Your sign is important to us. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business AND your trust.

What is a CLOUD sign? Who uses them?

A CLOUD sign is (1) one large channel letter built with the same materials BUT instead of all of the letters being separate pieces, we place an outline around all of the letters,  binding them together into a single piece.

Why are they so popular? Well, CLOUD signs look great. They cost less than CHANNEL LETTERS. When you have as many stores as these guys have, the savings is significant! How do you think they got to be such big companies? By watching the bottom line! Read More


Generic CLOUD Styles


These are not actual signs! ​Think of these designs as suggestions!​  If you are working with a limited budget, a Generic Style CLOUD sign is the way to go. If you have a specific product or service you offer and it can be identified by using one or two words, you’re guaranteed to save money. It’s more important to tell customers WHAT YOU DO than to tell them who you are. These signs are less expensive and can easily convey your message! Depending on the choice of fonts, we can “mimic” the look of a channel letter sign. The letters simply have to “touch” one another to create a one-piece CLOUD design.



How Much Are The​ CLOUD Signs?

All right, all right. For most customers, price is soooo important . . . and we understand that. For a LIMITED TIME, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all our CLOUD signs (UP TO 40 sq.’ only. ADD $25.00 per foot over 40 sq.’).

Other Sign Products (such as, but not limited to) Channel Letters, Cabinets, Pylon Panels & LED Message Boards, do not include the FREE shipping offer!

Now, here is the formula to use to figure the price for a CLOUD sign. Go to the Pricing page and use our PRICE CONFIGURATOR. Just select the expected height and width of the proposed sign and you will instantly receive a price. Of course, we will need to get involved to determine if there will be any further fees to consider

Now . . . how do the CLOUD signs compare price wise to CHANNEL LETTERS? The very fact you’re here means the price you received for channel letters was sky high and out of your budget, right? The truth is . . . a CLOUD sign is about 30% – 40% LESS than channel letters.

Here’s a quick comparison. IF you can get a price of $12.00 PER inch for CHANNEL LETTERS (and you’ll have to look far and wide to find that price), each 24″ letter will cost $288.00. If you have ONLY 8 letters, the cost is more than a 2′ x 8′ CLOUD. Need more than 8 letters? Almost EVERYONE does! Read More

My Landlord Is Insisting I Get Channel Letters. How Much Is That?

The price of these letters depends upon the application. If the letters are going to be attached to a 5″ x 5″ RACEWAY and then bolted to the building facade, it’s going to be more costly than if they are individual letters that will be mounted directly to the building. The, no raceway is required. The installer will either flush mount using silicone or double sided tape. Or, the letters could be studded so they stand off the building.

There are also Reverse Channel Letters which have a “glow” or “halo” effect. No light shines out the front like a typical channel letter; the lighting comes out the back of the letter which is comprised of clear Lucite. The installation of these letters require that they stand off the facade 2″, to create the “glow”.

Either way, individual letters will require an installation template made from heavy construction paper. The letters are traced upon it, showing the installer where to drill his holes into the facade. It insures the letters are installed straight and level. We provide this PATTERN at no additional charge.

Our PRICE CONFIGURATOR is located on the Pricing page and can price out the various scenarios just discussed.


In times of crisis like these, we are doing everything we can to keep our fabricators and staff as busy as possible.

We are a Nationwide Sign Provider. Lots of mouths to feed. Give us a chance to EARN YOUR BUSINESS! You won’t be sorry.

Quick response with drawings & pricing. We handle EVERYTHING from permitting to installation. If you want to SAVE money, call 800-675-3411 NOW!
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