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About Us

About Us

Hello, it’s Jennifer & Rick! Thank you so much for visiting our web site. We have tried to make shopping for your new lighted sign easy as possible. Is this your first sign purchase?  There is lots of information to go through. We’re here to help!​

Your landlord will want to see what the sign is going to look like. Give their email address and we will take it from there. The local permit office will need to see a plan. We will prepare it at *NO CHARGE* (after you have purchased a sign and given your deposit).

Sign design is a process. We send you a picture. You might like some of this but not some of that. We are happy to make changes, just ask! After a few design changes we’ll get it right.​​ This is a family business. Somewhere, there is a picture of Jennifer in her playpen at the sign shop! We handle the marketing, design and sales. Other members of our family oversee the fabrication, packaging, delivery and/or installation of your sign. Your sign is important to us. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business AND your trust.

Why Buy From Us?

Why not? No other company will get back to you with a sign design and price faster than we will. Usually 12 hours or less! We are available from 8:00 AM – Midnight EST, every day.

If you’re having a hard time reaching your sign company NOW, what’s it going to be like AFTER you’ve made your purchase?

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